A History of Rooster Town

Murray Peterson (Heritage Officer, City Historian) has been researching and authoring reports for the City of Winnipeg on its heritage buildings for over 30 years. He is the author of several books on Winnipeg’s and Manitoba’s history and has been a guest speaker throughout the city for many years. He is proud to be supporting a number of initiatives to bring Indigenous history to the forefront of Winnipeg’s story. Join him as he discusses the history of Winnipeg’s Roostertown, the Métis community that existed and then didn’t.

Oak Hammock Marsh – A Virtual Tour

This new Virtual Wetland Field-trip is a live and interactive presentation that uses props, slideshows and videos to connect you with wetlands! You are there and can ask questions throughout the tour.

Herb Gardening with Teresa Lapatta

Master Gardener Teresa Lopata will cover the basics of growing herbs, including where to plant, how to store and use of various herbs.

Advance Care Planning, Health Care Directive, what does this all mean?

Advance Care Planning what does this all mean!.  Difference between A Health Care Directive and an Advance Care Plan!

WRHA Palliative Care Program and how it can affect you.

The WHRA Palliative Care Program (PCP) is an aspect of home care that serves to support patients in the community living with a life-limiting illness. There are specific criteria for enrollment into the program and referral to the program must be received from an MD.

Manitoba Museum Virtual Tour 

Travel virtually with a live guide through the Manitoba Museum to explore the history of Winnipeg, the voyage of the Nonsuch, the diversity of Manitoba’s plants and animals, and the stories of the fur trade and so much more from the ease of your home.

The History of Charleswood

From the historic Grande Passage to the beautiful Harte Trail, the people and events that shaped a community.  Eileen MacDonald has many fond memories of growing up in Charleswood, she has been a member of the Charleswood Historical Society for many years and is currently their President.

Winnipeg’s Tree Canopy

Trees Please Winnipeg will examine the impact of the loss of the tree canopy in various parts of the city.  It provides some basic statistics,  also use mapping to show where diseased trees have been removed, and then Google streetview to show how the tree canopy has changed on the worst hit streets in Winnipeg.

Citizen Court with Dwight McAulley

“One of my greatest thrills has been to welcome new citizens to this country” – Dwight MacAuley Former Chief Protocol Officer for the Province of Manitoba.”
Having presided over almost 500 ceremonies and sworn-in approximately 40,000 new Canadian Citizens Dwight has welcomed people from almost every country that exists in the world today. 

Gordon Goldsborough Exploring Winnipeg During a Pandemic

Dr Gordon Goldsborough and his wife have been taking daily walks in communities around Winnipeg. In the process, they have learned about the city’s history and architecture, including its bridges, early apartment blocks, public utilities, home and coach houses, stores, and more. This Zoom presentation will provide some of the highlights of their walks.

Assiniboine Park Zoo with Marc Brandson

The role of an accredited zoo: Core values by which we provide the highest standards of care, while working to conserve wild species, educate and inspire the community to help protect wildlife.”

Decluttering with Lisa S from Seniors Moving Company

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the contents of your home and having trouble figuring out where to start? This is your opportunity to get some tips on how to tackle the process.

Online Games for Seniors

Find out about online games to play on your own or with friends in this informal session facilitated by Martin Landy, Resource Coordinator, South Winnipeg Seniors Resource Council. Share your favourite games as well, whether you’re a word nerd, trivia buff or just new to playing games online.