A wide variety of housing options are available to meet the financial and lifestyle requirements of older Manitobans. The following will aid you in understanding these options.  Click on the plus sign beside each of the following entries for more information:

The person owns a unit of a multi-unit project and has joint ownership of areas such as the roof and stairways. A monthly fee is paid for maintenance.

Individuals become members of a non-profit cooperative corporation, entitling them to a unit in the building. Decisions on property management are controlled collectively by the co-op members. Each member is expected to contribute some time and energy to life in the building.

Resident-financed housing, usually beginning with a non-profit corporation developing a housing project. Seniors buy into the project and receive a life-long lease of a unit. Monthly fee is charged for maintenance.

Manages properties and processes applications for several Elderly Persons’ Housing complexes (EPH). Rent is based on a percentage of gross monthly income. All MHA is subsidized.

For other subsidized housing inquiries, call 945-4663

Each resident receives their own bachelor suite and shares a common area which includes a kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom. A tenant companion is on site 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week to assist tenants with their activities of daily living such as meals, showers, and administering of medications.

Community service organizations, churches, etc. develop this type of housing. They may be in partnership with MHA, in which case rent will be based in income.

Built and managed by private business interests. Not affiliated with the government.