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Address: 253 Edgeland Boulevard

Tele: 489-5161

Non-profit. Rent determined by income.

Address: 100-475 Lindenwood Drive E.

Tele: 475-9990

Address: 490 Lindenwood Dr. E.

Tele: 489-2112

Address: 495 Lindenwood Dr. E.

Tele: 475-9990

Address: 125 Portsmouth Boulevard

Apply to: Executive Director or Marketing Manager

Tele: 284-5432



Pet Friendly Housing Option

Address: 857 Wilkes Avenue (Wilkes and Waverley)

Apply to: Marketing Manager (The Waverley); Resident Services Manager (Rosewood Supportive Housing)

Tele: 487-9600

Email: or


Address:   905 Shaftsbury

Tele:   885-7272

Address: 909 Wilkes Avenue

Tele: 489-4745

Assisted Living

Address:   85 Paget Street

Tele:   487-8500

Independent retirement living community